Acceptance is important

Hello readers🙂

Life is too short for crying over the spilled milk or getting upset about things which are not going according to your wish and in a way affecting your health for it.

Whatever the life is giving you so enjoy it to its brim and be happy. If anything adverse happen, tackle it bravely and then also if you fail don’t worry you must be on your learning phase. Accept the failure gracefully learn from your mistakes plan for the coming challenge. If you keep on upset over your last failure you are never going to move on from it.

Life is not going to end over some small defeats. So cheer up enjoy the moment of your learning and fight it with more power next time. Getting over the thing is starts from feeling of acceptance of it. Life is so beautiful, giving and truthful in nature. So be truthful to yourself accept the facts, learn from it and move on happily.

If you start accepting the situation and keep learning from it, you will be a better person and you will start understanding the condition of others and start accepting them with their flaws, you will be growing as a forgiving person, loving person. Nobody is perfect so as you. Give acceptance to the things like the way they are that is very important. Enjoy the moment, live it with others full, without any judgements.

Accept yourself, accept the world.

Thank you

Happy reading. Keep reading😊

-Priyanka 🙃

Dear life🙂, bring it on

Hi Readers

“When life gives you limes, make the lemonade out of it”. A very true saying to face the challenges in life firmly.

A Challenging day: Everyone’s life is full of struggle that one has to tackle in their daily lives. Every night we sleeps with the burden of all day long fights and challenge some time as a winner or as heartbroken one, but challenges never ends with that night to anyone the next morning comes up with the new struggles to face.

Kill it with smile:If life is not getting tired with giving us new challenges every day, then why should we? So we all should never give up on getting defeat to some small challenge, instead we must carry a smile, fold up oue sleeves and just say ” Dear life, bring it on”. I am ready to celebrate your gifts.

Planatory Actions:These challenges are not powerful than us, because they are made out of our choices. It is only you who know the key to crack this and get success over it. Instead of getting panic over just sit back for a while think over it makes the plan and implement your plan step by step. This plan should be made on the basis of your morals and priority, so first get clarity over your plan.

No more Fear: fear is the first thing which come to us the moment we get challenging situation, and generally what we do is to run away but that situation never runs away from us. It will keep following us and make our fear the more giant. Trust me what I have learnt is ” The path which seems to us the most vague and Fiercing, is actually the only the way to our success”.So never run from your fears just face them by choosing the most difficult path and give them fear. Overcoming our fears will evolve us into more confident and strong and give us success too.

More Power, More Success.

Happy Reading

– Priyanka😊

Strong Personality Signs

Everyone is liked or disliked on the basis of how they reflect their personality. Here are six superb signs about a good personality carrying someone. Read and think about these signs🙂.

1. Wealthy Heart: wealth is very important part of somebodies life so one should keep it personal to them in their heart, whatever is their financial status either it is good or bad. Wealth is not for display or show off, as in return people will get jealous to you only and you yourself reflecting your weak personality. If you have a good status use it wisely with a goodsome to your investment and society too.

2. Religious Mind: culture and religion are personal beliefs which you are following should kept to your mindful acts only, don’t discuss it with others and try not to influence others about your religious choices. Discussing about it with others also lessens the effect of it towards you. Accepting the diverse religious choice with all respect is sign of strong personality.

3. Family only: Every family is different from one another all have their own strength and their issues which somehow affects you, sometimes these affects could be not so favourable and makes you sad. Don’t flow with these sad emotions in response for sharing your family problems with others. Just to feel lighten you can share it with someone very close, but not with neighbors or friends. Discussion of personal problem is a letting other know about your weakness. People will also find you a sad company.

4. Joy of giving: If you have done anything good for others or helped somebody anyhow then don’t tell or announce your good deeds to others. That vanishes your joy immediately there. People will also question your intentions of doing it. Just do it if you feel to help otherwise not but never say it. Those who know you well they will get it without saying. Only generous and good people can do it.

5. Lock the secret: when your friends or someone else share their secrets with you. Please keep it to you only, and heathy minded people can only do it. If share somebodies secret with others you looses their trust forever and real friend too. Take it as your own secret.

6. Goal achiever: Never ever discuss your goals with anyone before achieving them. This sign is scientifically related to your success as, whenever you share your goal story with someone and you are so excited about telling it that immediately your brain start secreting happy hormones in your body. With the run of this hormone in your body you start feeling satisfied and so you lack in your efforts to achieve the goal. Want to get success, keep your goal in your mind.

You may follow these mantras to be strong personality one and these are also going to help you in reading other people too. Keep reading. Happy reading. -Priyanka☺

Happy Earth

Hi everyone

We all the residents of planet earth🌎 should give back the love and nuture to the earth, with which we are rich of in few small happy deeds

1. 4- R happy policy- Implement the 4-R policy in your life. 4-R that is A) Refuse: should try not to buy unnecessary product in our daily life, as after some time it will also increasing the wastage on our planet. B) Reduce: always take a step in reduction of waste before throwing it away, like composting process. C) Reuse: purchase the product to which we can use again and again, like metal made or glass made of instead of plastic or papers made of. D) Recycle: think of new and innovative ideas of using the product in a new way of its usage, leading to less wastage.

2. Blooming gifts- literally what it means is gift your loved one not any materialistic thing but a plant. They are so giving in nature and makes us happy too. Try indoor plants for air purification or a beautiful flower blooming plants. You can gift or sow any plant in the remembrance of your happy day. They are our future requirements in fact.

3.Watering facts– rainwater harvesting plant is our solution to the future water problem. You can do it in your society or your very own garden areas. Lessen the water usage and wastage because it is going seeps down in a form scarse in underground water level with lightening speed, it can be recovered by rainwater harvesting.

Hope these small steps can show our love to mother earth. Follow them and inspire others too.

Happy Earth Happy You.